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No. 27, Jalan Raja, Dataran Merdeka, Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur 50050

Located in the historical building built in the year 1899, KL City Gallery, used to be a printing house, lies in between the City Library and the History Museum. This free information centre provides visitors with information about the past, present and future of the city.

The history section along with large city map, gift shop and ARCH city work is housed on the ground floor whereas the 1st floor includes Greater Kuala Lumpur big architectural scale mode.

The gallery is managed by the ARCH group, one of the largest model-making companies in Asia. The founder, Andrew Lee has great passion in heritage. The creation of the KL City Gallery is part of his vision in promoting the country’s heritage and culture.


The entrance to the city gallery is free. The “I Love KL” sign located right beside the entrance is a famous photoshooting point.

KL City Map

Upon entering the city gallery, you’ll see a big map that features popular places in both old and new KL city. You can get the same map in brochure size here. The map comes in handy when you plan your KL trip.

History of KL

In chronological order, KL’s history is presented in a concise way.

Large Scale City Model

The large scale KL city model is located at the second floor. This model that features every detail structure in KL city is the largest in Malaysia. It is constantly updated when new structures are being built. You can see a building taller than the Petronas Twin Tower. It is the upcoming structure that will be built in 2015. The building name is Warisan 1957 and comes with the projected height of 682m and 160 floors.

Normally before revealing the model, you’ll watch a short movie about KL’s history and culture in a dark room. When the movie ends and the light is on, you’ll be awed by the grandness of this model.

Merdeka Square Model

There is a more sophisticated model that showcases Merdeka Square at the ground floor before you exit to the merchandise store. There is a free heritage guided tour organized by the city gallery around the Merdeka Square where you will be brought to 12 attractions. The walking tour is conducted on every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from 9am-1pm and it is recommended you take the tour to get an overview about the history and culture of KL.

Production Line

Each model is carefully crafted by the skilled workers. The carving is done on the veneer wood due to its softness. The frame is using a tougher Malaysian wood.

Carved Products

This largest KL Skyscrappers mural was created using more than 20 species of wood, all hand assembled by the master craftsmen. It is recognised by the Malaysia Book of Records.

Rustic Windows

The interior of the building has changed quite a lot but the European style windows are kept intact.

How to get to KL City Gallery?

Merdeka Square is a place where every tourist has to visit when he/she comes to KL for the first time. KL City Gallery is one of the buildings in this area. To get an overview of KL, it is highly recommended you pay a visit to this place. If you are coming by public transport, the nearest LRT station is Masjib Jamek.

Famous Kuala Lumpur Location

2.23 km » Pavilion Mall
10.10 km » Batu Caves

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