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Highlights of the tour include jungle trekking, mental training, understanding the similarities of different religion, and tasting extraordinary Malaysian meals. Jungle trekking will be done for 3 hour where you get to learn more about the region’s fauna, flora and Tao Philosophy. During the mental training process, you get to learn about the techniques of submerging yourselves in the hot-spring pool. Besides digging into Chinese, Malay and Indian cuisine, you also get the chance of learning the fact that your religious belief is more of a delicate affair between you and your GOD.

Price: RM280
Guide Name: Happy Yen
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: +6017-3697831

This page is featuring an Indian breakfast, Buddhist Temple, Selangor Dam, Hulu Tamu Hot Spring and an authentic Malay meal. For Chiling Waterfall and rainforest trekking, please go to part 2 of the rainforest tour

Most of the tours in KL are educational and some are adventurous. The heritage city tour gives you insights to the history, culture, architecture and the story behind building the city. The food tour saturates your tastebud with unique Malaysian street food. The hiking tour takes you to the preserved area to get close to the rainforest. But now there is one tour in KL that is not just educational and adventurous, but it is motivational as well.

Conducted by a senior tour guide, Happy Yen is an energetic and a wise person. The 2 heart seizures and a few life-threatening accidents that he had gone through didn’t stop him from being positive and humorous. At the age of 60, he is continuing to live his life to the fullest.

As he said, the rainforest tour is not just about experiencing the beauty of nature, it is to learn from nature and keep us in touch with our inner self.

In the beginning of the tour, Happy Yen told us to keep our mind open in order to experience it to the fullest so here we are to embark on the journey.

History sharing, Breakfast and Temple Visiting

Time: 8:00am-10:15am

On the way to Rawang where the Chiling Waterfall is situated, having introduced himself in a fun way, Happy Yen briefed about the history of Malaysia and KL from the aspects of economy, politic and culture.

Breakfast at an Indian Restaurant

We had our breakfast at Nesan Curry House. Most of us are getting poori coupling with ginger milk tea. Poori is a fried pancake and we were invited to see how it is made at the kitchen.

Buddhist Temple

Happy Yen has good grasp on various types of religions. At the Da Xiong Bao Dian Temple, he told us that every religion is different but the preachings are basically the same. For all religions, they teach us to ‘live in the present’.

Here, he showed us how our mind functions by instructing us to do a simple experiment. Then in the hot spring tour, he enhanced the idea and demonstrated how we can control it. Again, to benefit the most out of this tour, you must do it with an open mind.

We are not sure about the rest. The serenity in the temple do give us some peace of mind.

Selangor Dam (Chiling Dam)

Time: 10:45pm-3:00pm

After the temple trip, we were heading to the preserved rainforest area in order to get to the Chiling Waterfall. We have to pass by Selangor Dam, the biggest dam in Selangor with a capacity of 344,529 million litres. At the time we went there, the weather condition is hazy due to forest fire and Selangor was experiencing one of the worst drought season. You can see that the water level is critically low. Nonetheless, the view is breathtaking.

The van dropped us at the entrance where we began our trekking trip that took us 3 hours to complete. The trip is educational and adventurous that we will describe in part 2 of the rainforest tour.

Hot Spring and a Malay Meal

Time: 3:30pm-5:30pm

Hot Spring at Batang Kali

We were getting a bit exhausted after hours of trekking. Our next destination is at Hulu Tamu Hot Spring which comes with two pools. One is smaller with water temperature of about 48-50o Celsius. The other is bigger in size but not as hot. The water hotness level is something that most of us are hard to endure, especially in the hot weather.

Happy Yen took a pail of water and splashed it on our feet to feel the water temperature. We thought that was it but never did we expect it was just the beginning of the whole enriching experience.

The highlight of the hot spring tour is to splash the 50o Celsius water onto our body. None of us can’t imagine we could do it but we finally did it in a motivated mood.

This video shows how Happy Yen wanted us to get use to the water temperature.

The ultimate test is to pour the water onto ourselves.

At first, we were unsure whether we could complete the task. But when the trust built up between Happy Yen and us, we followed his instruction without doubt. According to Yen, this is psychology and this is science. Everything is all in our mind. We want it. We get it.

The fact that we were able to complete a task that was resistive at first were so motivational and was a great life lesson.

Malay Meal

Our trip ended in a Malay restaurant called Sepakat where we had authentic chicken rendang, lemang and kuih.

Interview with Happy Yen
Q1. What are the things you consider when you design the itinerary?

Yen: Transferring of knowledge in a fun way using the rainforest instead of a hotel room. From a place of faith (belief system), to the rainforest and hot-spring (using mind science techniques).

Q2. Please give us 3 reasons why tourists should join your self-awareness tour.

Yen: I titled it as Happyyen’s Rainforest and Self-Awareness tour because my website needed the key words. In actual fact, it should be Happyyen’s Self-Awareness in the rainforest. It is not only meant for tourist. It is meant for people who are looking for:
1) Self-improvement
2) Answers to support their belief system
3) Solutions to their problems

Q3. Your tour is so motivational. How do you motivate yourself in order to do the same to others?

Yen: The best way to serve GOD is to be of service to people. Do you remember that I shared with you that GOD is in everyone of us (mentioned in the various holy books)?

Q4. This tour requires certain level of physical strength to complete. At the age of 60, how do you keep up with the fitness level?

Yen: You must put in the effort to get the fitness. Exercise, proper food and a happy spirit. Remember, we are creatures of habits.

Q5. Some of the attractions are familiar to the locals. Some are not. Would you come out with separate pricing plan for the locals?

Yen: No. I choose to believe that you have not taken into the consideration of an educational and motivation angle, as well as the minimum of 2 person to conduct the tour. By the way, how much will it cost a person to attend a motivation class or to visit a psychologist to solve their problems? If you were to treat it as a tour, it becomes expensive. On the other hand, if it can transform a person, is it not value for money to spend an experiential day with me irrespective of a foreigner or local? Kindly read the reviews in the Tripadvisor.

Joining the Tour

The tour costs RM280 per person. If you wish to join this one-of-a-kind tour, contact Happy Yen below:
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: +6017-3697831
Website: www.happyyen.com

Is the Tour Worth the Value?

This tour is highly recommended for foreigners as you’ll try and feel things that you have never experienced before. For locals like us, we have been to a few rainforests but this one is quite different and is worth trying. The hot spring is also something that most of the locals haven’t tried before. As long as you keep an open mind during the whole journey, we bet everyone of you will gain a lot from this tour!

Go to part 2 of the rainforest tour

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