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VIEW Rooftop Bar

Kuala Lumpur’s skyline has transformed completely with the introduction of this bar. It evokes the senses of sound, sight and

Kinaree Thai Massage Centre

Located close to the Chinese Embassy, the Kinaree Thai Massage Centre offers aromatherapy and traditional Thai massage at unbelievable prices.

Ayer Spa

Ayer Spa offers healing treatments and massages to its clients that includes the local Malays and tourists. They have of

Jalan Ampang

Jalan Ampang is a major thoroughfare that connects Kuala Lumpur with Jalan Ampang. It used to be the main road

Songket Restaurant

Songket is a nice cute restaurant with elegant and luxury designs. You can find traditional Malay food at the place

La Mexicana

La Mexicana can be considered as a Mexican Casa replica with al fresco as well as air-conditioned options for dining.


The interior of this restaurant is beautifully decorated in black, red and white with chairs and wooden tables of dark

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