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Taragon Puteri, Jalan Changkat Thambi Dollah, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 55100

Jointly owned by two youngsters who are passionate about what they are doing, The Ohana Suite is quickly becoming one of the best apartment suites in Kuala Lumpur.

Taragon Puteri Bintang Apartment, located adjacent to the Furama Hotel is home to Ohana Suite which own 2 studio units. In this serviced apartment which has a total of 152 units, many owners are converting their units into guest houses. And with so many other apartments in the area, why does it become so popular among travelers? Here we are to find out more.


Strategically located in the golden triangle with a few minutes walk to touristic places like Times Square, Bintang Street etc and 10-min walk to Jalan Sayur, a famous food street among the locals, The Ohana Suite enjoys the prime location that every traveler is looking for.

More conveniently, right opposite the apartment has a row of shop houses where you can find 7-Eleven, restaurants and pubs.

Quiet and Cozy Suite

The 552-sqft unit is clean and quiet and can accommodate up to 4 persons. When we are inside the apartment, the modern and classy decor makes us feel at home. Ohana means family in Hawaiian culture and it lives it up for the first impression.

This bar table also serves as a working table.

With good quality sofa, free Astro channels and Wifi, you can relax and get the same level of comfort like your home.

The queen’s bed is comfortable and the bed sheet is changed for every new customer.

The owner is also a photographer who has sense for interior design.

Apartment Facilities

Swimming pool and gym are common in KL’s condo. You can get them here in good condition.

If you come with kids, please them with this clean and well-maintained playground.

Services that Go the Extra Mile

If you have tried apartment stay before, you’ll know that after your check-in, you are pretty much on your own. In Ohana Suite, you won’t feel the same thing. During your stay, the owners are more than happy to provide info you need to know about KL and sometimes they even go all out to fulfill your requests.

Indeed, what makes the Ohana Suite stand out from the rest is the personalized service that they provide. Not to say that most of them are free of charge.

Apartment Limitation

Before you decide to stay with Ohana Suite, you need to be aware of some limitations. As with most other apartment stay, there is no breakfast, no service counter and no conference room. If those are minor to you, just go for it!

The price for the studio suite is about RM300 and is compatible with other apartment of the same sort. But the value you get here is more than what others are offering.

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Interview with the owners, Clement and Isacc
Q1. Can you tell us the story behind the idea of operating your own guest house?

C & S: The ideas just come from the casual chit chat with our friends about the property investment in KL. Most of the people either speculate the capital appreciation or earn the limited ‘market price’ rental income. Since we are not speculator, we are discussing how to earn more than normal rental income. That is where we get the ideas of doing day rent business.

Q2. What are the 2 selling points that differentiate your guest house from others?

C & S: Firstly, our main selling point is our extra service with customization. We are trying our best to fulfill our guests’ need and expectation. For example, there is a special request to have a romantic decoration from a couple who are on honeymoon trip in KL. This is something that most of other hotels won’t do.

Our second selling point is the environment. With the spirit of providing a modern and cozy KL city stay-in experience, we put in a lot of interior design ideas to create the atmosphere.

Q3. Customer satisfaction is crucial in any hospitality business and you have done quite well on this. What drives you to give your best to the customers?

C & S: What drive us so far is the customer satisfaction. When you can make friends with the guests and see them leave KL with a smiley face, you will feel that everything is worthy. When the guests are satisfied, they will share it to their friends in their own country. Indirectly, we get a free advertisement as well.

Q4. Service consistency is equally important. How do you keep up with the high standard of service?

C & S: Good service comes from good people. Your mood could influence others. So we always keep ourselves cheerful and friendly with a warm heart. It is just like the weather here.

Q5. What is your current occupancy rate and how many percent is your repeated customers?

C & S: Our current occupancy rate is about 75% while our repeated customers is around 10% due to limited units that we have. Sometimes, we feel very sorry to the returning guests due to suite being fully booked.

Q6. You guys have achieved quite a success and glad to know you are expanding. Can you share a bit about your expansion plan?

C & S: We are targeting to get some bigger service suite such as 2-bedroom or 3-bedroom apartment for our next Ohana Suite. We are also looking for the location around KLCC or Petronas Twin Tower to provide more
choices for our guests.

How to get to The Ohana Suite?

The most convenient way is to take the monorail and exit at the Imbi station. Taragon Puteri Bintang is just within 6 minutes walk and 300 meters from the station. If you go by taxi and if they do not know where the apartment is, just tell them to drop you off beside the Furama Hotel.

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Famous Kuala Lumpur Location

0.97 km » Pavilion Mall
11.22 km » Batu Caves

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