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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital can be simply described as an Asian cyber-city with equal mix of colonial architecture and skyscrapers. The city epitomizes the melting pot of Malaysia with cultural diversity and sharp contrasts unlike most other cities of the world. What started as tin-mining outpost grew to become a crucial hub of Southeast Asia. From leviathan shopping malls to the Petronas Towers, this city is in every dream for the modern travellers. The city also boasts of dazzling restaurants and world-class attractions closely knit together with the help of an efficient and quick transport system.
This is also a city where lovers of history and art will find plenty of things to get engaged with. The City Centre still boasts of colonial architecture whereas storefronts in Little India and Chinatown date back a century or more.
Kuala Lumpur also prides itself for some of the finest museums of Asia where visitors get to know everything about the unique history and culture of the country. Irrespective of where they venture out in the city, you always get the opportunity to witness a charming mix of new and old.
The city has a population of more than five millions centered on suburbs of Klang Valley and Petalling Jaya as well as in and around inner city areas. The DNA of the city is made up of people of different ethnicities mostly Malays, Indians and Chinese.
Kuala Lumpur also serves as a paradise for shopaholics and offers nearly everything starting from local made crafts to top reputed western brands throughout different areas. As a sociable place, Kuala Lumpur has some unique buzz attached to it with plenty of interesting places to visit along with a vibrating and happening nightlife that keeps visitors engaged for days.


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