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National Textiles Museum

The museum takes a beautiful architecture resembling the old pattern of Mughal Islamic designs. Completed in 1896, National Textiles Museum spreads over a huge area and consists of two and a half storeys. The exterior of ... Read More

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Islamic Arts Museum

Located at the west side of Kuala Lumpur, this place is just minutes away from the National Mosque, National Planetarium and Birds Park. It consists of 12 main galleries, categorized according to the kinds of artefacts. ... Read More


Petrosains Science Discovery Centre

This centre uses an interactive and fun approach to explain the story of the technology and science behind the petroleum industry. The content and concept here revolve particularly around the science involved in petroleum. Fun and ... Read More


Police Museum

This is one of the oldest museums among those present in not just Kuala Lumpur, but entire Malaysia. The museum is fully air conditioned and filled with artefacts from the old times. There are a number ... Read More


Bank Negara Money Museum

The bank receives a huge number of visitors every year that include VIPs and school children. Bank Negara Money Museum is a property of national heritage where you would find a display of the evolution of ... Read More


Orang Asli Raft Museum

Orang Asli Raft Museum is in Jabatan Muzium Malaysia at Jalan Damansara. It is a craft museum and has been recently reopened after renovation. Precisely, it is on the other side of the car parking facility ... Read More


National Museum

The three storied structure of the National Museum consists mainly of four galleries along with a central hall for housing temporary exhibitions. The museum was built in the year 1963 and offers visitors with the opportunity ... Read More


National Planetarium

Located inside Lake Gardens of Kuala Lumpur, the National Planetarium has quite a few exhibits that can excite people of all ages. The most interesting is the toilet and sleeping arrangement mock-up of international space station. ... Read More


National Science Center

National Science Centre is in Bukit Kiara and has distinctive green domed building. It was opened in 1996 by the then Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad. The architecture of the building is marvellous. It has 9 ... Read More

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