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+ Address:
5th Floor, Wisma Mirama, Jalan Wisma Putra. Kuala Lumpur; 50460 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Phone: +60 3-2145 1122

The Ossota Spa is one of the most popular destinations for those who love to pamper themselves. The spa offers a number of services in massage and body healing treatments performed by professional masseurs. The interiors are soothing and pleasant. The balanced play of lights creates a serene and peaceful atmosphere that would lull you to sleep. They use exclusive herbal oils and essential oils to treat the skin such that the elasticity of the skin is restored.

The spa spreads over a huge area in 3rd, 4th and 5th floor of the Wisma Mirama building.

Entrance Fee

Normal Price: RM78 (RM82.68 with GST) (women), RM98 (RM103.88 with GST) (men) if your check-in day falls between Sunday and Thursday
Peak Hour Price: RM108 (RM114.48 with GST) if your check-in day falls on Friday, Saturday or Public Holiday.

For children with height between 90cm and 140cm, the price is RM38 (RM40.28 with GST) for normal and peak hours. FOC applies to children below 90cm of height.

*All prices stated above are subjected to 6% GST

You may enjoy the facilities for a period of 24 hours without leaving the premises.

The price is inclusive of local buffet throughout 24 hours.

No booking is needed if you are not doing massage. However, if you are arriving during peak hour, it is advisable to call +603-2145 1122 and check if the place is full.


There is a parking space for vehicles outside the building and inside Wisma Mirama. The exterior of Wisma Mirama is unpretentious. The extension of the building in the form of arches at the border offer a shelter for the cars parked there.

There are two parking options available below:

Option 1: You can park inside the parking lot of Wisma Mirama. The charges are as below:
Monday till Saturday – RM2 per hour
Sunday & Public Holiday – Per entry RM5
Monday till Sunday between 6pm and 7am – RM5 per entry

Option 2:
Approach Ossoto valet and the charge is RM15 for 24 hrs.

Lift Entrance @ Ground Level

The ground level of the spa salon is well furnished. There are elevators provided for the convenience of the guests. White and wooden ceilings, walls, and floors offer a simple look.

5th Floor Lift Exit

The lift exit on the fifth floor showcases an elegantly decorated and well furnished area. The décor is artistic as the large chandeliers hang from the ceiling and statues position themselves between the chairs.

Palatial Reception

The reception is the most elegant area of the spa. It runs a large area and offers elegant and comfortable seating arrangement. The long white sofa adds to the overall elegance of the white painted reception.

Secured Locker

The spa has a few locker room that consists of a number of lockers. There is huge chandelier hanging down from the ceiling offering a serene touch to the interiors of the locker room.

Two step verification is needed to open the locker. Besides the electronic key, the staff will ask for a 4-digit password that’ll be written on a board and place inside the locker. To open the locker, you need to present the key and tell the password.

Massage Area

The massage area evokes a serene and soothing feel and is built around a centrally positioned tree. Their massage room consists of a number of beds that exhibit minimalistic and simple modern décor.

What is the massage rate?

Full body massage RM98 ++
Foot Massage RM58
Partial Massage RM38 ++

Sleeping Area

The spa also offers comfortable but small sleeping areas which are made in the form of wooden cabinets. The mattresses are thick and cozy and the beds are compartmentalized. The cost is RM10 for a bed. Even though the guests are separated according to gender, men and women are sleeping in the same room.

For those who would wish to stay overnight here, take note that after you check in, you are not allow to leave the premises until you check out.

How to get to Ossoto Spa?

The nearest monorail station is Hang Tuah, which is about 500 meters away and take about 10 mins walking to reach.

If you are staying in a hotel within the golden triangle, Ossoto Spa provides free shuttle service to pick you up from your hotel. However, you’ll have to arrange your own transport when you leave.

Famous KL Location

1.83 km » Pavilion Mall
11.56 km » Batu Caves

Recommended Activity

2.44 km » SkyBar
Distance from Ossoto Spa


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75 Responses to Ossoto Spa

  1. LIA says:

    i hav a question.. is there now sleeping area for girls?

    • Arthur says:

      I am sorry that there is no dedicated sleeping area for ladies but you are allowed to occupy a bed in the sleeping room at RM10.

  2. Yertz Tee says:

    Dear Sir/Mdm,

    May I know is it have free car to pick up us from our hotel? I will stay in royal bintang hotel.

    • Arthur says:

      Ossoto Spa offers free shuttle pickup from the Golden Triangle area, that includes Royal Bintang Hotel. Please be reminded that you should avoid going there during the peak period as the place will be too crowded to relax yourself.

  3. Low Yen Hong says:

    Hi, may I know 20 and 21 Jun what is the price for 2 person ? Can I do reservation here?

    • Arthur says:

      The price for 2 persons during peak hour is RM256. You may call this number to make reservation: +603-2145 1122

  4. Keey says:

    Hi, is reservation required?

    • Arthur says:

      Ossoto Spa sometimes get very crowded during weekends and public holidays and the authority has the rights to decline the entrance due to overcrowding. It is best to make reservation if you are going in the peak hours.

  5. Maggie says:

    Izzit entrance fee can pay by cash?

  6. Phoebe says:

    Is kids friendly and what is the price for children and activities they can do if the parents is doing massages/spa?

    • Arthur says:

      There is no charge for kids below the height of 80cm. For kids below 140cm, the entrance fee is RM38. They can hang out at the cafeteria, play table tennis or watch movie while you are enjoying the massage.

  7. Aileen says:

    Hi. Would like to ask weekday how much n we can stay there until wat time? Thank you

    • Arthur says:

      The fee during the weekdays is RM78 for women and RM98 for men. You can stay for 24 hours from the time you check in.

  8. Tan Wei Tzong says:

    1) Can we bring along the children (about 3-5 years old)? what can they do it ossoto, when the parent are doing spa?

    2) Do Ossoto provide shutter from and to KLCC?

    • Arthur says:

      1) Please refer to the comment above for kids’ entrance fee and things to do.
      2) Free shutter is available from KLCC. However, you’ll need to find your own transport to get to KLCC.

  9. fish says:

    what price does it charge for 15/7/2015 and 16/7/2015? Normal weekday price?

  10. bk chua says:

    hai, may i know the price on 21 sept? do we to reserve for 5 person?

    • Go Admin says:

      21 September 2015 falls on Monday and not a public holiday. Therefore, the price is normal, which is RM78 for women and RM98 for men.

      If you are also doing massage, you need to make the booking in advance. Else, no booking is needed for normal days.

  11. Lim Kheng Ann says:

    How much do it cost per night? And is there any nearby hotel?

  12. Emily says:

    Hi, may i know the cost RM128 izit i can enjoy all the services in ossoto?
    And how about girls stay overnight? Izit available?

    • Go Admin says:

      The current weekend price has reduced to RM108.

      There is only one room for sleeping so it is not advisable for ladies to stay overnight.

  13. lim mei yen says:

    hi, if i come on 17/07/2015 afternoon is 88and68 rite?
    if stay one night the price are same or?
    bedroom charge how much?

    • Go Admin says:

      17 July is public holiday so the price is RM108. There is no charge for bedroom but it is not advisable for ladies to stay overnight as there is only one sleeping room.

  14. Sally says:

    Hi, may I know the sizes of the attire provided? Do you provide big sizes?

  15. JH says:

    hi, will there be public holiday eve charges on 16th July (Thursday) at about 10pm?

    and since it is 24 hours, do i get to stay till 10pm the next day? will there be extra charges for Friday after 6pm and public holiday?

    • Go Admin says:

      The management has decided to put 16th July as peak hour period so you’ll need to pay RM108 on the day. If you arrive on 10pm, you may check out at 10pm the next day without additional charge.

  16. Natalie says:

    Hi , wondering how is the crowd on 17/7?
    And the price for 16/7 is 68/88 or 128?

    • Go Admin says:

      It is hard to foresee if there will be big crowd on 17 July at the moment. Please call +603-21451122 and enquire about the crowd nearer to the day.

      The price during peak hour has lowered to RM108 now. However, for non-peak hour, the price has increased to RM78 and RM98 for women and men respectively. Do note that 6% GST applies to all the charges.

  17. Cee says:

    Hi! Just wanna check on the price for 17/8 for 2 pax. Also, does the price only include buffet itself? How much do you guys charge for the massage service? Thanks!

    • Go Admin says:

      The entrance fee on 17 Aug is RM78 and RM98 for women and men respectively. This price is inclusive of the buffet meal.

      You may find the massage rate in the “Massage” section of the article.

  18. Hc says:

    do we need to booking at 19 july and 20 july and how much for these 2 day?

    • Go Admin says:

      These two days are normal days and the entrance charges are:
      Female: RM78 + 6% GST = RM82.70
      Male: RM98 + 6% GST = RM103.90

  19. Sim Poh Ling says:

    So if for men peak season also RM108?

  20. V says:


    any free parking space there? any pick up from KL sentral?
    what is the charges for next Monday (20-July)?


  21. MVS says:


    Let’s say we are couple want to stay overnight, it’s available there? Do you provide couple jacuzzi,sauna,steam room only for couple?

    Thank you.

    • Go Admin says:

      The jacuzzi, sauna, steam room are separated by genders. For the sleeping room, it is a public area with over 10 beds where men and women sleep in separated cabinets.

  22. ng says:

    Hi,May I know the price on 25/7Friday morning?

  23. Tiew says:

    do we need to booking at 24 july(morning) and how much for these 2 day? THX^^

  24. Josephine says:

    For body massage will you separate by gender? Any other facilities separate by gender? Basketball machine only in male section?

    • Go Admin says:

      The full body masssage is seperated by gender. Basket ball machine is only available in the male section.

  25. THY says:

    Hi, regarding the jockey parking, do we keep the car key ourself or valet boy will have to keep our car key?

  26. Chua siew chien says:

    Hi, i going on 26/7, may i know what is the price & do i need to book?

    • Go Admin says:

      26th July falls on Sunday so the price is considered normal. Please refer to the price section in the article for price detail.

  27. Chee Cai Xin says:

    Hi , I would like to check the entrance fees on 08/08/2015 , can we make reservation on that day ?

    • Go Admin says:

      8 August falls on Saturday so the price is peak hour rate. Please refer to the price section above for details. No booking is needed on the day.

  28. edmond cheah says:

    if i have a luggage with me , is there any place that is enough place for me to place the luggage , its about 20kg

    • Go Admin says:

      The secured locker is not big enough to accommodate your 20kg luggage. However, you may leave your luggage at the reception but this is a less secured way.

  29. Can Tan says:

    hi,is the spa women and men is separate?

  30. MIN says:

    hi, may i know that, should i make any booking on 31st August because that day is public holiday?
    and the price for the entrance fees?

  31. Sally Teo says:

    1.hi,would like to know entry fees is include of 3 free meals and what facilities is not included?
    2.Is that anything would like us to bring? planing to stay a night there
    3.Bed is include on entry fee?

    • Go Admin says:

      1. The entrance fee is inclusive of free buffet meal. Massage, hair and facial treatments are not included in the entrance fee.
      2. Ossoto Spa provides most of the things you need in a luxurious SPA environment.
      3. The cost is RM10 per bed but bed vacancy comes at a first come first serve basis and no booking is allowed.

  32. Alan says:

    want to ask
    1) Entrance fee for 25/8 for 2 persons, 1 female and 1 male total how much?
    2) The free buffet meal is for lunch/dinner/anytime?
    3) is there any specific members discount (etc banks credit card)?

    • Go Admin says:

      1) 25/8 falls on Wednesday so please refer to the normal price in the pricing section.
      2) Buffet is available all day long
      3) Currently, there is no credit card offer. However, 3 types of membership programmes(Premium, Gold and Platinum) are available. Please call 03-21451122 for more info.

  33. sally Teo says:

    1.what is the price of 7/2/2016(first day chinese new year) fees?
    2.open 24 hour in that day 7/2/2016?
    3.Ossoto Spa open since what year?

    • Go Admin says:

      1. Please refer to the peak hour rate in the pricing section above.
      2. Yes. Ossoto opens 24 hours throughout the years.
      3. Ossoto Spa was opened in 2013.

  34. SY says:

    Hi, I would like to know about what services is included in the price? Since massage, hair and nail service is excluded.

    • Go Admin says:

      The entrance fee allows you to enjoy facilities and services such as jacuzzi, theatre room, gym and games area and free buffet.

  35. Jazz says:

    Do you have any offer for birthday during the birthday month?

  36. Trista says:

    Do Ossoto provide shutter from and to KLIA 2?
    And is it free of charge or we need to pay? If need to pay, then how much?

  37. choo says:

    still provide transportation if stay at hotel around the golden triangle?

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