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Dining In The Dark KL

The restaurant offers a unique atmosphere where the guests dine in the dark. The restaurant is the first of the kind in Malaysia. The meals are served in three courses beginning with starter, going through the ... Read More


Mandarin Grill & Bar

Mandarin Grill & Bar enjoys a sophisticated ambience while offering a sophisticated and cosy seating for the guests. The restaurant offers a variety of international dishes that are offered a Malay touch. The menu runs long ... Read More


Pampas RESERVE Grill & Bar

Pampas RESERVE Grill & Bar offers a comfortable and quiet ambience ideal for romance or a slow conversation. The interiors show a rich and elegant decor that is sophisticated and cosy at the same time. The ... Read More


Taps Beer Bar

This is a rather new bar in the heart of Kuala Lumpur and specializes in offering a large variety of craft beers. Craft beer is brewed by small scale and independent breweries that focus on quality, ... Read More


Pampas Grill & Bar

Pampas Grill & Bar located at the heart of Kuala Lumpur offers authentic Argentinean cuisine in a fairly modern set-up. The interiors are cosy and comfortable showcasing a perfect ambience fit for couples, groups, and families. ... Read More


La Boca Latino Bar

The restaurant enjoys an ideal location at the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Apart from offering typical Malaysian delights, La Boca Latino Bar also offers delectable international and western cuisines. You can also taste the fusion foods ... Read More


El Cerdo

The restaurant offers home cooked pork in specialized flavours. The recipes cover a great international variety that includes Mexican, Caribbean, and European. The menu displays a great variety of pork items along with appetizers. The interiors ... Read More


Pinchos Tapas Bar

Both the local Malays and tourists crowd Pinchos Tapas Bar to taste the authentic Spanish cuisine they offer. This restaurant-cum-bar follows Spanish style both in its decor and fare. The menu shows a fairly long list ... Read More


Pisco Bar

The Pisco Bar promises to offer its guests with a nice place to relax and chill out. The place is nicely decorated with wall arts, paintings and black & white photos of pop stars. The restaurant ... Read More


arthur’s bar and grill

This cleverly laid out restaurant has what it takes to appeal to a wide clientele base. Apart from its posh interiors and immaculate design, Arthur’s Bar and Grill offers its guests with an extensive menu to ... Read More

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