Find KLCC's

Traders Hotel

Located in the middle of City Center, Traders Hotel is situated just opposite to the famous Petronas Towers and beside

Shangri-la Hotel

Located at Kuala Lumpur, the luxury hotel explores the heart of the city. It will take 45 minutes to reach

The Royale Hotel

Situated in the capital of Malaysia, the luxury hotel is accessible by a range of public transportation services and walking

InterContinental Hotel

Resting at the heart of the colorful city, the property is located nearby KLCC Park. The luxury hotel features 473

GTower Hotel

Strategically close to the KLCC and Embassy, the hotel provides a delightful opportunity to explore Malaysian life. There are plenty

Hilton Hotel

Direct train from KLIA takes 28 minutes to reach the hotel, a 35 storied building that houses 503 rooms for

Fraser Place Apartment

Situated in the KLCC and neighboring the famed Petronas Twin Towers, the property represents the urbane embodiment. There are 216

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