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Lot 3A, Food Emporium Level 3 (Green Zone), Sungei Wang Plaza, Kuala Lumpur 55100

The restaurant, as the name suggests, offers authentic Portuguese cuisine prepared from fresh ingredients. The restaurant imitates the design and style of a cafe and offers a cosy and comfortable atmosphere inside. Portuguezze Kitchen enjoys an ideal location inside a shopping mall.

The waiting service is good and friendly. The waiters explain the menus and help the guests take their orders. The menu is sufficiently long and offers a large variety of Portuguese delicacies. The prices are moderate and the food they serve is delectable. The cafe styled restaurant also serves some of the favourite local delights along with fusion foods.

Food Emporium

Food Emporium spreads over a large area in the third floor of the Sungei Wang Plaza. Portuguezze Kitchen is one of the stalls inside and is the only one selling portuguese food. You can also find Malay and Chinese food in the food court. All the stalls in Food Emporium serve food without pork and lard.

Self Service Cashier

The self service cash counter offers the patrons to choose their favorite dishes and make the payment. During off-peak hours, you can take order and make payment while being seated.

Small and Cozy Interior

The space of the food stall is small and the brick textured walls offer a rustic look. Due to the space constraint and to optimize the seating capacity, the tables and chairs are kind of small. The lack of comfort is not a big issue because it is made up by the sumptuous cuisines.

Food Menu

This is the signature dish of Portuguezze Kitchen and is famous among the locals here. The curry base is made from the ground up using all natural ingredients and spices so you won’t get the same curry taste elsewhere. The resulting taste is tangy and if you want more kicks, ask for the extra spicy level.

Claypot Devil Curry….RM10.9

Grilled Fish is distinctive for its taste and pure flavor. Slices of stingray are wrapped in foil and hot grilled together with home-made sambal and kaffir lime leaves. This dish comes with hot chilli paste for those who can’t get enough of the spiciness.

Grilled Fish….RM10.9

Though Portuguese food is known for its strong taste and spiciness, there is one non-spicy dish that is highly recommended for children. Using turnip stew and gingery black bean paste sauce as the base, the chicken is simmered until it is tender and soft. Claypot Chicken Pong Teh is a delicious dish which is one of the best selling items here.

Claypot Chicken Pong-Teh….RM8.9

Yet another unique curry base that is made from raw ingredients, Prawn Curry with Pineapple is a little spicy and sour, making it a good appetizing choice.

Prawn Curry with Pineapple….RM12.9

The bouncy sagu emits the aromatic pandan flavor but it is bland in taste. It is the coconut milk and coconut sugar that are the essential ingredients to complete this mouth-watering dessert.

Sagu Gula Melaka….RM2.5

Blend with different kinds of mangos hand-picked by the chef, this mango juice is thick in texture. The natural sweetness is further enhanced by the sour plum. We love that!

Mango Juice….RM5
Interview with Sheena, the Co-Founder
Q1. The secret recipes lie in the different types of base curries and sauces and the process of making them is a tedious one. Do you have a systematic way to prepare them in an efficient way?

Sheena: Yes. All our ingredients are made from scratch – not from powders/pre-mixes. (Example, we grind fresh turmeric/chillies/whole black peppercorns instead of using the powdered version). A lot of emphasis is placed in ensuring we only use the freshest ingredients. Once we are comfortable with the raw ingredients,to ensure consistency, all ingredients are measured/weighed precisely per our recipe requirements. They are then ground/pounded to be used for the next phase – which is the cooking portion.

Q2. Most of the items in the food menu contain meat as the main ingredient. Would you be coming out with vegetarian recipes in order to cater to vegans and the increasingly health conscious people?

Sheena: Our current menu has equal meat & seafood options. And yes, minimal options for vegetarians in the regular menu. However, upon request, we do have several dishes where you could opt to have it as vegetarian style – where we would be able to swap the main meat/fish into a vegetarian option. We do have regular vegetarian customers who come over to have their customized meals. And yes, we do have plans to increase our vegetarian dishes.

We are aware of the increasingly growing health-conscious customer base and being one of them myself,we try to prepare our food in the healthiest manner possible – using as little oil/salt as possible. And most of our dishes are not cooked with santan (coconut milk). Instead, the thickness u get is made from freshly ground ingredients.

Q3. As a master chef and a founder, you take pride in ensuring the food is always maintained in the highest possible standard. How do you ensure the taste consistency?

Sheena: Most of the dishes served are from recipes that had been passed down from generation to generation in my family – in my case, it had been passed down from my mother to me. I try my best to ensure that the taste of each dish that comes out of our kitchen tastes the same way it would have as if my mother had served them to me and the family. To ensure consistency, all ingredients are measured precisely before being cooked and cooked at a specific duration. All employees undergo alot of hands-on training individually with me before beginning work on their own – even when it comes to grilling fish at the open grill, each fish is grilled at a specific amount of time on each side before being turned over – to ensure consistency in taste and texture.

Q4. What is the rate of your repeated customers?

Sheena: We are lucky to have managed to develop a pool of regulars who drop by frequently. And these regulars customers would frequently bring along more friends/family members. So far, I would say that the rate of our repeated customers is very high – especially from the Corporate group who drops by during lunch and also tenants from the current mall we are in and surrounding malls.

Q5. Do you have any plan for expansion?

Sheena: While we do plan to expand in the future, it is not something we are in a hurry to do at this point of time. At the moment, we are placing our focus more on strengthening our current business.

Famous Kuala Lumpur Location

0.40 km » Pavilion Mall
10.73 km » Batu Caves

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