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Foodpanda has been operating in Malaysia for more than a year now. In Kuala Lumpur, one can find over 100 restaurants that deliver food around the city. Additionally, there are many different cuisines to check for the restaurant option. Kenny Rogers Roasters, Chili’s, TGI Fridays, BBQ Chicken, Tony Roma’s, Passage Thru India, Ayam Penyet AP are some of the international restaurant chains available on foodpanda. Apart from food, one can order drinks, snacks and cakes as well.

How to improve your foodpanda experience?

  • Waiting at home is more fun than waiting outside: You can watch TV or use Facebook while you wait for the food to be delivered.
  • Hungry but not sure? You can check different cuisines and menus of restaurants. Pick the one that makes you drool and wait for it.
  • Need to stay late at work? Order food right before you leave work. Receive delivery by the time you reach home.
  • If you love planning everything ahead, use foodpanda’s “pre-order” feature to order your food a day ahead. You not only save time, but can look forward to delicious food.
  • Surprise your friends and family with food delivery. The way to many people’s heart is definitely through their tummy.
  • If you’re new in Kuala Lumpur, this website is definitely a great way to research different restaurants, their menu and also the price.

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