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No. 18A (1st Floor), Jalan Kemuja, Bangsar Utama, Kuala Lumpur 59000

Back in 2011, a group of friends wanted to open a buddhist center that comes with accommodation cater for buddhist friends. For some reasons, that was not materialised. After some twists and turns, Bodhi Lodge was eventually born in 2012.

The beginning of the business was not smooth sailing. With very little A&P budget, this lodge was struggling with acquiring guests in the first 6 months. It is the words of mouth together with the power of internet that has saved this guest house and now it is prospering.

The Exterior

There is nothing special about the exterior. In fact, it is hard to believe that the guest house is occupying the first floor of the 3-storey shop house where the ground floor is a car repairing shop. If the business depends on walk-in customers, it would have disappeared by now. On the opposite, it is immensely popular among travelers. That’s why we are here to find out why.

Opposite the shop houses is the residential area.

The Interior

There are a total of 7 rooms that can accommodate up to 16 people. The 1-table reception is right beside the entrance where you will get the first touch with the soul person of this lodge.

Walk further in is the living room where the guests can mingle around.

The owner is a devout buddhist and you can find buddhist materials and pictures of lama.

The Founder

Gege, the owner of the guest house started out in this business with zero experience in the hospitality industry. But as an avid traveler who likes to mingle with other like-minded travelers to get the best deal, she knows exactly what value travel is and how guests satisfaction is something that she can’t compromise.

Home-like Experience

Right after you check in, you won’t be alone. The good thing about this non eye catching lodge is that you’ll feel at home here. The staff treated you like friends and care for your needs. There was one case when a guest arrived with rashes breakout, the staff immediately brought her to see the doctor and asked another guest to look after the lodge for a while.

You’ll be approached by Gege several times to find out your travel needs. Be it food, culture, attractions, things to do and avoid, she will share with you from the local perspective. That also means she’ll tell you what are the things that are not worth to do.

Value Travel

Not knowing how to get to the location? Gege will explain to you patiently by showing you the map on the wall. It is advisable to take the picture of the map for reference when you are on the road.

She’ll emphasize the unique things to do so you don’t miss it. For things that she recommend, make sure you do it.

If you are traveling alone and hope for travel partners, Gege can be the middle woman to link you up with others.

Sometimes, Gege will bring together all the guests and take them personally to a tour. But don’t take this for granted as this is not something that happens many times.

No matter how well-verse you know about the area, you’ll be missing something. Same goes with Gege. Luckily, the guests are more than willing to share things that even Gege is not aware of.

Combining Gege’s know-how together with experience from other travelers has made her the expert in KL travel.

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4.29 km » Pavilion Mall
12.04 km » Batu Caves

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