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65 Persiaran Endah, Taman Persiaran Desa, Kuala Lumpur

The Thean Hou Temple located on Robinson Hill is beautifully decorated and highly impressive with its architecture. The temple is dedicated towards Thean Hou, heavenly mother and certainly offers visitors with the opportunity to experience Chinese architecture at its best. The temple consists of 4 levels with the main shrine located on 3rd floor. During the New Year celebrations, red lanterns are used for decorating the entire temple. The temple offers visitors with an ideal chance to relax and rejuvenate amidst its beautiful and peaceful surroundings. The 2nd floor also houses a marriage registration office serving more than five thousand couples annually.

Entrance And Overview

The entrance gate to the temple shows a beautiful piece of architecture that keeps up with the Chinese architectural style. There is a large open space starting from the gate and leading up to the main temple.

Main Temple Exterior

The main exterior building of the temple shows Chinese traditional art at its best. The minute architectural details show the brilliance of the artists. On the outer side of the temple stand the statues of the Chinese zodiac signs in which the most prominent one is dragon.

Main Prayer Hall

The main prayer hall of the temple is huge and spacious. It is serene and calm and the mural wall paintings is delicate.

Delicate Architecture

The architecture of the Thean Hou temple showcases the traditional Chinese art. The architectural pattern is rather delicate. The temple has multiple layers of roofs that have been made with bamboo-shaped tiles. Multiple colors have been used to create a vibrant yet peaceful effect.

Backyard Greenery View

The backyard of the temple is lined up with different kinds of potted plants and trees that keep the atmosphere cool and pleasant, making the entire temple seems to be wrapped in greens.

Front City View

The temple terrace is large and spacious and offers a clear view of the city. The buildings scraping the sky offer a contrasting picture when viewed against the tall trees and greens surrounding the temple.

Marriage Registration Office

There is a marriage registration office located inside the campus of the temple. Young couples from the local areas can be seen crowding here to enter the wedlock in the most pious place.

Food Center and Shops

The Thean Hou Temple also has a food center which is located at the ground floor of the main temple. The food served here is vegetarian.

Thean Hou Temple at Night

The view of the temple at night is entirely different from that during the day. The entire temple is lighted up which offers the premises a red tinge. The interiors are brightly lighted which make the temple look vibrant and beautiful at night. In this level, you can also find shops selling souvenirs and chinese art products.

How to get to Thean Hou Temple?

Be it LRT or KTM line, none of the stations is within walking distance from Thean Hou Temple. The best way is to take a taxi. To save on the taxi fare, you can first travel by KTM to Mid Valley station or by LRT to Bangsar station. From there, you hail for a taxi and travel for 2-3km to reach Thean Hou Temple.

Famous Kuala Lumpur Location

4.08 km » Pavilion Mall
12.86 km » Batu Caves

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