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KL Bird Park, 920 Jalan Cenderawasih, Kuala Lumpur 50480

This public aviary is a major tourist attraction in Malaysia with an average annual footfall of 200,000 tourists. Being the world’s largest free-flight walk-in aviary, the park houses over 3000 birds representing close to 200 species, with 90% of them being local birds and the rest being imported from overseas.

It is a part of Lake Gardens that measure at 150 acres. Apart from the bird park, the gardens also include the National Monument, KL Butterfly Park, the previous Malaysia Parliament House, and Hibiscus and Orchid Gardens and an artificial lake. The common activity here is bird-watching, with some of them being research scientists.

Small Car Park

The bird park has a small parking area for cars outside the park entrance. There are more parking space at the higher ground. During holiday seasons, the parking area is always full and this is something that the authority need to improve on.

Garden Landscape

The park has a beautiful landscape with walkways having trees on either side. There are some conical shelters open on all sides offering a great place to sit and rest and have some refreshments. Natural beauty blends with man-made landscaped designs to offer a wonderful view.

Wide Variety of Bird Species

In the aviary, you will come across a wide variety of bird species. There are both common species of birds along with the rare ones. Peacocks, peafowls, cattle egret, flamingo are the most common birds in the aviary.

Ostrich and Emu

The big flightless birds have always been a craze among the children. You can show them the ostrich and emu birds that are given a wide open space to move about in an enclosed area.

Yellow Billed Stock

The yellow billed stock is another species that you can find at the aviary in plenty. Wooden fences are drawn to demarcate their space from the walkways. A herd of the species can be seen flocking at the nearby pool.


You will find different species of parrots in the bird park too. The parrots are kept in large cages that offer them considerable amount of freedom. The interiors of the cages are provided with small trees and plants to let the birds be on their own.

Small Performing Stage

There is also a small performing stage at the aviary opposite a gallery that runs down quite a number of steps. There are fans fitted on either side of the gallery to make the show a comfortable for the audience. The stage should have been bigger to accommodate more audience.

How to get to KL Bird Park?

The bird park is not conveniently located near the train station. The nearest KTM station is Kuala Lumpur, about 1.3km away from the park. If long waiting time is not an issue to you, you can also take a Rapid KL bus No. B115 to get there.

Famous KL Location

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10.51 km » Batu Caves

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Distance from Kuala Lumpur Bird Park
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