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Jalan Lembbah Perdana, Kuala Lumpur 50480

With a capacity of around fifteen thousand people, the National Mosque holds high importance in the country. The interiors of the mosque are beautifully designed and offer a sense of peace and calm in the chaotic surroundings of the city. Tourists are also allowed to take pictures of the beautifully decorated interiors. Non-muslims are allowed to enter the mosque during certain parts of the day. The mosque plays a crucial role in the tradition and culture of the country and frequented by thousands of people every day. Entry is free of charge and women are required to wear a hood and robe before entering.


The entrance of the mosque showcases beautiful islamic architecture. A shallow pool contains a moderately tall star-shaped flower-like structure which oozes out water from the petals on all sides. The entire area is made of concrete with trees at regular gaps.

Admission is free.

Spacious Hallway

The mosque consists of a hallway that is a roofed structure and is open on all sides. The hallway spreads over a large area lengthwise. The roof is held by pillars that are placed at regular gaps.

Makam Pahlawan (Heroes’ Mausoleum)

The Makam Pahlawan or the Heroes Mausoleum is a significant structure in the National Mosque. Surrounded by a lush green lawn, the mausoleum consists of the preserved tombs of all the martyred heroes of the land.

Prayer Hall

The Prayer Hall covers a very large area. The interior of the hall showcase beautiful architecture. The 2 chandeliers hanging from the top ceiling offers an oriental feeling to the prayer hall.

Speech Hall

The mosque consists of a speech hall which is used for delivering speeches and preaching. The hall is spacious and has quite a number of chairs and tables placed.

How to get to National Mosque?

The main KTM station, Kuala Lumpur is closest to National Mosque where it is 450m apart and takes about 5 mins of walk to arrive.

Famous Kuala Lumpur Location

2.50 km » Pavilion Mall
10.68 km » Batu Caves

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