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No.9 Jalan Maharajalela, Kuala Lumpur 50150

Founded by a group of youngsters with no experience in the hotel industry, their creative mind has set Grid 9 apart from other hotels of the similar category. In just one year, the hotel occupancy rate has grown sharply due to words of mouth and successful marketing plan. Sometimes you’ll have to book 1 week earlier to secure a room during weekends. This goes to show how popular Grid 9 has become.

Grid 9 can be considered as a budget hotel but the moment you enter through the main door, you will get the feeling of being in the boutique hotel. What we have found out is the restaurant and lobby are boutique in design, while the other facilities are budget in price.

Value-added Services

Grid 9 offers more value than you can get in a normal budget hotel. The WiFi access is 100% free. The fact that there are a total of 8 WiFi hotspots ensure that the signal are strong within the hotel premises.

Cable TV is free of charge too. You get to view 4 channels; namely, sport, news, MTV and movie.

Classy and Cozy Lobby

The multi-purpose lobby is located on the mezzanine floor. It is a nice place to relax and hang out with other hotel guests.

Getting bored? Have a pool game and get refreshed.

The computer kiosk allows you to surf internet for free and the loading speed is fast.

The warm and adequate lighting makes you feel at home.

The moment you sit on the bean bags, your body starts to turn into a relax mode.

Rooms for Everyone

Whether you are a flashpacker, a businessman or come in a family, you can find the suitable rooms at the budget price.

This bunk bed room is perfect for a family of four or flashpackers. Each bed costs less than RM50 per night depending on the date you book.

Every room in this hotel including this one comes with a private washroom.

If you are traveling alone and needs privacy, the single room like this one that costs about RM100 is an ideal choice.

Art Display

If this is the first time you come here, you may be wondering if you are stepping into a hotel or an art gallery.


The restaurant or gastropub as they named it, is located at the ground floor where the entrance is.

Walk further in and you’ll see a bar counter.

Foods and drinks are reasonably price. This signature fried rice costs RM10. The taste is quite salty and heavy for average people.

Rooms for Improvement

No hotel is perfect. There are a few things that we think are still lacking.
1) The wall partition between rooms are not properly insulated so you can hear sound from the adjacent rooms if the guests speak too loud.

2) There is only one receptionist. Sometimes the queue is long during busy hours. But with the streamlined check in/out process, you won’t have to wait for a long time.

3) The food here is just average. We won’t dine in if there are better choices.

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Interview with Kenny, the co-founder
Q. As a person who is new to the hotel business, can you tell us the story behind your decision to venture into this industry?

Our decision to enter the hotel industry was in part due to opportunity and interest. Our time spent traveling during our studies and work in the corporate industry gave us great insight to the lack of creativity in the Malaysian hospitality market. We always envisioned a hotel with character and personality that defined ourselves and wanted a strategic location for tourists around the world to socialise and interact.

While we were amateurs in the business, we set out to be as unique as possible and create an environment of a social nature not typically seen in a traditional hotel. This was done by combining the comforts of a hotel and the social scene of a flashpacker. We wouldn’t have been able to do this without the support of our corporate partners (Dulux, Doof, Dunlopillo, Zouk, Galeri Chandan, Shelter Home) and our investors who believed in our passion.

Q. How do you define your hotel?

GRID 9 is a Hotel, Flashpacker, Gastropub all in one. A place filled with colour and imagination, a chilled out lifestyle, a love for parties, an appreciation for arts and culture, a desire for charity, and definitely an awesome sleep experience. To sum it up, GRID 9 is:

A hotel by nature,
A backpacker at heart,
A bar for the thirsty,
A lounge for the stars.
Concrete in design,
Chic is the experience,
Social’s our game,
It ain’t the same.

Q. Please tell us 3 things that differentiate your hotel from other hotels in the same category?

1. The property, its signature lounge, art gallery, awesome mattresses, well defined rooms.

2. The social experience, interacting with guests in the lounge, having a drink with someone across the world in the gastropub, access to Zouk Club to continue the party.

3. Value. In our price category, no property provides a similar experience of such value.

Q. You have an early success. Do you have any plan to take this business to the next level?

We plan to open 2-3 more properties over the next 3 years in locations such as Melaka, Penang, Ipoh, JB. Due to great interest, we are also considering licensing and franchising the brand and managing properties for interested owners.

More importantly, we would like to stay consistent to our passion and to continuously provide a creative experience for travellers around the world.

How to get to Grid 9 Hotel

The easiest way is to come via monorail. It is just 3 mins walk from the Maharajalela station along Jalan Maharajalela.

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Famous Kuala Lumpur Location

1.89 km » Pavilion Mall
11.16 km » Batu Caves

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