Rainforest & Self Awareness Tour – Part 2

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Highlights of the tour include jungle trekking, mental training, understanding the similarities of different religion, and tasting extraordinary Malaysian meals. Jungle trekking will be done for 3 hour where you get to learn more about the region’s fauna, flora and Tao Philosophy. During the mental training process, you get to learn about the techniques of submerging yourselves in hot-spring pools. You also get the chance of learning the fact that one’s religious belief is more of a delicate affair between that person and his GOD. You  also get the chance to dig into Chinese, Malay and Indian cuisine.

Price: RM280
Guide Name: Happy Yen
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: +6017-3697831

Continue from self-awareness tour…back to part 1 that features the unique hot spring experience.

Before entering into the rainforest, Happy Yen told us that he would show us various plants that are used for different purposes. He also explained that since we are part of nature, and nature has been in existence way before the human beings existed in the world, we have so much to learn from it. And he was going to show us exactly how nature can be our coach in life.

Rainforest Overview

To reach the waterfall, there are 5 rivers to trek across. The river is a sanctuary for fishes.

Cross the bridge to mark the start of the trekking tour.

Rainforest Flora and Fauna

The dale leaves are aromatic and are widely used to make curry by the Indians. The curry sauce that we had our breakfast has that ingredient in it.

The ginger branch is fibrous and is a good material to make into a strong string.

The coral fern plays a part in preventing erosion due to its tangled roots.

Nepenthes, popularly known as monkey cup is abundant in the rainforest. It is a predator for insects, spiders and scorpions.

The rattan’s (rotan in Malay) trunk is not strong enough to grow high. What lesson is this plant going to teach us? Be sure to find out at Happy Yen’s tour.

The wild padanus have thorns at the edge of the leavea. You won’t get cut if you touch from the root to the tip direction. You will however hurt yourselves if you go the opposite way. What this plant taught us is that we need to go with the flow. Going against it will hurt ourselves.

Some plants are poisonous. For example, the aborigines claim that the root extract of the devil thorn will cause miscarriage to a pregnant woman.

We learned something from this root system. Join this tour and ask Yen to share with you.

Keep your eyes open and you’ll stumble upon interesting things like this “elephant tree”.

In this preserved land, you can see flock of butterflies too.

This giant fly is not uncommon here. Keep your senses in the alert mode to spot it.

Get up close and personal with schools of fishes along the river

Chiling Waterfall

The waterfall is simply spectacular. From a certain angle, you can see stones that resemble a crouching tiger jumping off from the cliff. Try to dive off from the big stone. It is so exhilarating!

In the afternoon, you can see sharp contrast on both sides of the fall. Base on the Tao theory, for every good thing there is bad and for brightness to exist, we need darkness. This waterfall really depicts the concept well.

There is a river section near the waterfall that allows you to do body rafting. See how Happy Yen did it below.

Splendid Rainforest Landscape

Trekking through rainforest and across the river for more than 2 hours is not tiring at all when you are always surrounded by the breathtaking views.

Go to part 1 of the tour that features the hot spring experience…

Joining the Tour

The tour costs RM280 per person. If you wish to join this one-of-a-kind tour, contact Happy Yen below:
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: +6017-3697831
Website: www.happyyen.com

Famous Kuala Lumpur Location

49.85 km » Pavilion Mall
40.43 km » Batu Caves

Recommended Activity

49.21 km » SkyBar
Distance from Chiling Waterfall


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